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Probiotica, Prebiotics, Phytobiotics (Nutricaments) to stimulate immunity and protect the health of fish & shrimp. Neutraceuticals that should be mixed with fish food, Artemia or Zooplankton. Experienced application since 2000 by Fish Doctor Gerald Bassleer. For more info contact
ShrimpFORTE: immunostimulant for shrimp
FishFORTE: immunostimulant for fish
Mucus+ : Protecting the mucus of fish against external protozoa parasites
LamiJapo: anti-bacterial phytobiotics and immunostimulants
Lagerella: repair of Hole-in-the-head and Lateral line Erosion
PRO-care: broad spectrum  strengthening fish before transport, during quarantaine, stress or after disease
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Logo AquaNeutricals HD.jpg
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